EmailArchiver overview

Customize User Interface

Using the configuration, it is now also possible to disable functions and buttons so that they are no longer displayed on the User Interface. This allows that emails and attachments can only be converted to PDF, but can not be archived.

Profiles for PDF export settings

PDFExport settings provide plenty of additional functions, which can be applied to the generated PDFs. All settings can be managed via profiles and then saved, selected and activated as an entirety. Profiles can be created, copied, renamed, deleted, and imported and exported.

MSG / EML Archiving

Functions for generating PDF activated: This option can be selected so that the functions to convert messages individually to PDF should be active, even if you just want to archive MSG or EML.


The file name for archiving / conversion of messages / attachments may be configured independently for the folder of messages sent and all other folders.

Option: PDFCompressor for FileConverterPro

PDFCompressor functionality enables the PDF optimization and thus the generation of smallest, highly compressed PDF files.

Option: PDFSign for EMailArchiver

By integrating the PDFSign component, the generated PDF and PDF/A files can also be signed, confirmed, encrypted, provided with a password and restrictions.

Option: PDF/A for EMailArchiver

Extension for EMailArchiver to convert the documents into PDF/A format. Generating ZUGFeRD 2.0 E-Invoice PDF with selection of the ZUGFeRD profile (MINIMUM, BASIC WL, BASIC, EN 16931, EXTENDED)

Option: iOCR for FileConverterPro

An unlimited iOCR Standard OCR Engine (based on Tesseract OCR Version 4.0). This is characterized by a high processing speed, can process as input next to image files and PDF’s to create searchable PDF’s.

More about EmailArchiver

Features, licensing and activation

FileConverterPro with Outlook PlugIn
PDF(/A) converter service with SOAP / REST – Web-Service. The FileConverterPro is installed as a Windows service and provides functions for converting the most important document formats to PDF, PDF/A incl. OCR via a Web-Service interface (SOAP or REST). >>> PDFBlog
eMailArchiver Outlook PlugIn needs the FileConverterPro as a basis !!!

EMailArchiver Station
Thus a new setup / product for individual workstations is available – The email archiving and conversion is therefore also possible locally without network / Internet connection. The setup MS–Outlook plugin (EMailArchiver) and FileConverterPro will be installed locally on the computer and not addressed over the network or server. All configuration settings are already preset, so that after a reboot after installation everything is properly installed directly without any further configuration. >>> PDFBlog

single or multiple labeled emails, entire folders or folder structures as MSG, EML, PDF, PDF / A-1b, PDF / A-3b or combined as MSG / EML and PDF

Create Total PDF
multiple labeled emails, attachments or Outlook folders can be converted to PDF or PDF / A and assembled immediately to a total PDF in one step.

Outlook Integration
Direct integration with MS Outlook interface as an installable MS Outlook plugin for MS-Outlook 2010, 2013 und 2016/2019 – 32bit/64bit MS-Office

You can easily buy our products in our WebShop. (MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, SOFORT and invoice for companies with valid UstID / UID)

Of course you can also inquire directly and get an offer from us for your order.

The products are installed as a DEMO version at the workplace and can be tested with all functions for 30 days. Afterwards, the software must be activated as a full version, otherwise a DEMO stamp will be applied to the generated documents.

The products are licensed according to your order for the workstation, terminal server or server.

The licenses are tied to the workplace where it was activated first. Licenses can be transferred.

When you purchase a full license, you will receive access data from the ProductActivationManager and activate your DEMO version as a full version. The activation key is called via a server installed in our house and accessible via the Internet.

Concurrent Use for Terminal Server: The software is installed on the Terminal Server for any number of users in the concurrent user license model. The server registers the number of licenses currently issued and grants each authorized user the right to use. If all licenses are assigned, an additional concurrent user must wait until another user terminates his session and a license is available again.

Product Activation

You can activate the products by clicking the user interface on the button “Activate” in the “Info” or “About” or start the Product Activation Manager directly via Start | Programs | Your Product | Product Activation Manager.

Activate Application: ONLINE (Video: PAM – ONLINE Activation)

Activate the product with user ID and password. Select the Application (left side) and then “Activate Application”. You will be prompted for user ID and password and then see all the remaining free licenses to choose from. Select one and click “OK” – Activation Complete! This variant requires an internet connection!

Please note that the licenses are hardware bound. The use on another computer is possible only through a prior release (MOVE) of the already activated licenses.

Move license (to new PC) (Video: PAM – MOVE License)

This option allows to transfer a license to a different PC. Input of UserID und Passwort is necessary! Product will remain as demo version on your PC.

OLD PC: ProductActivationManager | select license | „Move License“ Button | Username / Password | OK

NEW PC: ProductActivationManager | select application | „Activate Application“ Button | Username / Password | select license | OK






V 1.0.108 Download

Windows 64bit

EMailArchiver AddOn

V 5.1.5 Download

Outlook PlugIn for FileConverterPro

EMailArchiver Station

V 5.1.7 Download

FileConverterPro incl. EMailArchiver

Can be used as a 30-day DEMO after downloading! With a license to the full version. Test functions directly: FileConverterPro TEST Webseite. Requires administrator rights for installation!
eMailArchiver Outlook PlugIn needs the FileConverterPro as a basis !!!
Required for FileConverterPro and EmailArchiver: .NET Runtime 4.0 – The setup checks whether this prerequisite exists and if not, the version is downloaded and installed from the Internet.


Choose the right product


from EUR 1.350,-
  • Convert service with SOAP / REST - web service

EMailArchiver AddOn

from EUR 150,-
  • Outlook PlugIn for FileConverterPro

EMailArchiver Station

from EUR 150,-
  • FileConverterPro incl. EMailArchiver Workstation